Loopy, 2000

High gloss Fujiflex print in colors, on glossy photo paper
sheet: 34 5/8 x 25 1/2 inches
image: 34 x 25 inches
Edition of 1000
signed, dated and numbered "Jeff Koons 00" in black marker on the reverse
Published by Eyestorm, London

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Jeff Koons Loopy

Jeff Koons Loopy from the Easyfun Series

Jeff Koons Loopy is a monumental ode to childhood and innocence that formed the central painting in Jeff Koons' Easyfun series. An apparently simple, photo-real painting of collaged elements amassed from childhood, as with all of Koons' greatest works, this painting operates on a number of different levels. Luring us in with mesmerising blasts of color, the psychological complexity of Loopy develops the message that Pablo Picasso first conveyed when he said, 'When I was a child I could draw like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to draw like a child' (P. Picasso, quoted by H. Read in The Times, 26 October 1956). Here, Koons develops this notion into our experience of things and the associations we attach to them.

Jeff Koons Loopy

The title of the series Easyfun, implies a simplicity of joy but this was a group of works that channeled the sensations and emotions of childhood, concentrating them, expanding them and presenting them in paintings and sculptures of hallucinatory intensity. In Loopy, this is clear from the presence of the Trix rabbit at the back, a figure from the cereal packs of the same name. In the foreground, a smiley face that echoes the rabbit's own manic grin has been formed from the floating orbs of the cereal itself, while the red nose is echoed in the gleaming cherry that is perched so pertly on a sumptuous mountain of whipped cream. To the left are the sweeping, colourful arabesques of a Hot Wheels stunt track, a perennial toy that has survived through several generations and is therefore all the more universal a trigger. This is an overpowering image, tapping into the intensity of childhood memories, exploring the vivid way that we experience the world when we are first exposed to it.